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Moving to Vernon

We have been in Canada for about 9 months now. The time has flown by and we have enjoyed most of it.  Our current hometown, Fernie is an amazing town where all of us has made friends and had great experiences, but the time has come for us to move on to the next chapter in our lives; Vernon, BC.

Putting on some mileage

When we arrived in Canada, the first few months were hectic!  We had to travel 1400 km to Vancouver four times in two months to visit the BC Children’s hospital.  We bought a new truck (‘bakkie’ for those in SA) and after two months had clocked up around 15 000 km.

Since December we have been going to the Alberta Children’s Hospital that is only a 3-hour drive away, but all these trips have been worth it.  August last year, Sarika was so weak she could not even climb a single step.  Last week her muscle strength test results were normal; her improvement has been remarkable to watch!


The kids wake up excited to go to school every day and they both love their teachers and friends. Both of them have found activities they love doing.  Christopher has participated in running club, swimming lessons, ice hockey, Lego club and now baseball. Sarika also loved swimming lessons, ice skating and has weekly gymnastics.

Christopher at bat in Blaimore

Christopher loves playing baseball.

I tried downhill biking for the first time at the end of last season and I am really looking forward to be doing more of it in Silver Star (the ski hill in Vernon) once we move there.  We all have bicycles as well and take a ride down to the river every now and then. I also had the chance to go heli-skiing at Galena this year which was #1 on my bucket list.

Making Friends

We slowly made friends through the school and our church small group, but things really got moving once Ankie started to work at Mountainside Community Church.  Now we have many good friendships and connections that we are sad to leave behind.

Why are we moving?

I have always been a passionate person; I think I’ve learned to be passionate watching the Bulls (rugby) playing at Loftus growing up. Through good and bad years, I’ve watched those around me support them 100%.  That passion has been evident in all parts of my life including business.  So I have been looking for a way to combine some of the other passions of mine with business.

Passion for snow and technology

Since my first time skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado in 1998, I have loved the feeling of sliding down a snowy mountain.  I loved skiing so much that it was one of the main reasons we’ve moved to Canada.  So, since we’ve been here I have been looking for a way to do something in the ski industry.

I want to help improve the ski industry by building technology that will make it more efficient, accessible and sustainable.  Better technology can help resorts become more profitable, attract more visitors and make sure first time visitors come back for more.  I love the feeling of skiing so much; that I want to make sure as many people as possible get to experience the full thrill!

For the last few months I have been working with Silver Star Mountain resort to figure out how we can use technology to help them.  Last week we concluded an agreement for Silver Star to be the first customer of Entabeni.  Entabeni is the Zulu word for mountain, combining my African heritage and love for the mountains.

Okanagan Valley

We are very excited about moving to Vernon, which is nestled in the Okanagan valley.  The whole region is beautiful, an amazing combination of mountains and lakes.  A few weeks ago I’ve attended a function at one of the vineyards on the edge of Lake Okanagan.  It is truly amazing, as you can see from this picture.

View of lake Okanagan from a wine farm

Stunning view onto lake Okanagan

And so the next chapter starts for us, and we are very excited about what the future holds.

Heli-skiing with CMH at Galena – Best Skiing EVER!!

#1 On my Bucket List: Heli-Skiing

For the last few years the number one on my bucket list was to go heli-skiing.  And boy oh boy was that fun.  Towards the end of last year, one of my new EO forum buddies got a last minute opportunity to go heli-skiing with CMH at their Galena lodge.  I could not let this change pass, so I booked a spot!

Can't stop smiling on top of the mountain at Gelena

Me and Cam having the time of our lives

I fell in love with skiing the first time I tried it.  Growing up in South Africa we rarely even saw snow, in fact I was 18 years old before I saw it for the first time.  After skiing in Europe for a few years we came to Fernie three years ago, here we learned to ski all over again, properly this time.  With the abundance of fresh snow in Fernie, we quickly became even more addicted to skiing, this time in powder.

Heaven must be close to Galena

It was the most amazing 7 days of skiing I have ever had.  Galena is known for steep tree skiing, and we were not disappointed.  We had some great conditions, got some time in the alpine and loads of powder.  Even with limited fresh snow, the terrain is so big that we made fresh tracks almost every run.

On top of the world - Heaven in Gelena

The first amazing day, looking out over an inversion. Heaven on top of the world at Galena

The whole operation from when they picked us up in the small town of Trout Lake was exceptionally well run.  The staff go out of their way to make your time as enjoyable as possible, I even got a plate of tomatoes with dinner every night. Jason, Cam’s buddie who also went, made this great video about this trip:

Heli-skiing – check! No wait…

Bucket Lists are supposed to be filled with ‘once in a lifetime’ activities.  That’s the mindset I had when convincing myself to spend the money to go heli-skiing.  Instead of being able to tick heli-skiing off the list, I now find myself even more eager to go again.  The floating sensation when making tracks in fresh powder is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  With the heli you get to do it with every run for an entire week.

Now I need to make sure I am in better shape for the next once in a lifetime heli-skiing trip.  Thanks for inviting me Cam, it was amazing!

What is on your bucket list, and when are you going to do it?