Should we consider Homeschooling?

Before we had kids my wife, Ankie used to teach Sunday school. In her class there was a girl whose parents decided on homeschooling.  At the time I never thought I would consider it as an option for our future children;  like many other things we thought we would never do or consider doing before we had kids.  But now, homeschooling is starting to look more and more attractive.

My biggest concern about homeschooling has always been the lack of social interaction with the outside world.  But in the last year I have come to challenge many axioms I previously thought unquestionable.

So far we love our time in Fernie. I think it is highly probable that we will travel significantly for a long time.  This will only be possible if we find a way to get the kids through school. Moving school every 6 months or year does not sound like a viable option.  You also have school years that do not match to most of the northern hemisphere.

Should we consider homeschooling? Kids love the painting in Eunice’s school in Fernie

A few months ago I read James Dobson’s ‘Bringing up boys’.  I don’t want to go into detail, but let’s just say he is a big proponent of homeschooling, mostly for religious reasons.  This was the first time I started considering homeschooling.  The one argument he offered was that team sport offer a great alternative for kids to learn about social interaction.

While reading Hacker and Painters by Paul Graham, I found more reasons to try and explore homeschooling.  In the first chapter ‘Why Nerds are unpopular’ Graham gives his description of the American schooling system.  He makes a very interesting comparison between school and prison.  I have to say he makes a compelling argument.

Since we have been in Fernie, Eunice, our nanny, made a tremendous effort to stimulate the kids. She has found great online resources.  The results has been amazing, they are learning more and more English words, started reading and writing the alphabet and number and started to enjoy drawing and creative activities every day and they love it.

So our plan is to start doing some detailed research on homeschooling and learn if it is a viable alternative for us.

What do you think? Should we consider homeschooling? Give your comments below: