We are heading back to Fernie!

With my departure to The Starter League in Chicago getting very close, we have made a big decision about where to go this winter.  My initial thoughts were to give preference to where I can get a job.  However most resorts are not ready to do hiring yet and getting a sponsored visa looks like it will be a challenge.

So last night Ankie and I decided that it would just be easier to start planning the trip if we knew where we were going.  So we’ve made the call to head back to Fernie! YEAH!  Now I will be at the sole mercy of Fernie Alpine Resort for a job. But if that does not work out I can still do some of the Nonstop courses and have loads of fun anyway! We are looking at dates for our flights and will book it in the next few days.

It is going to be amazing to spend another season in Fernie, and hopefully the Griz will oblige by sending loads of POW POW.  We are aiming to get a rental house in town this time, something nice and central so the kids and nanny can walk to the library, aquatic centre and the parks.

Unfortunately there has been some hectic flooding in the region over the last few days, with a one in a 100 year rainfall event.  It is so bad that the city of Fernie has declared a state of emergency.  I hope everybody in Fernie is OK, and there is not too much damage.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody in the Elk valley.

There has been 1 in 100 years flood in Fernie - Photo - Freepress

There has been 1 in 100 years flood in Fernie – Photo: Free Press

On Monday I leave for Chicago, and will be away for three months.  We have been prep-ping the kids and have a few plans to make it as painless as possible.  By the time I am back all the planning for our trip for Fernie should be just about done.  We all look forward to another season of amazing skiing!