Lessons from week 1

The fist week of lessons on the Non Stop Ski Instructor Course were amazing. I really enjoyed every minute of it. Even being soaking wet in the rain on Friday!  I already feel that my skiing ability have improved dramatically and can’t wait to learn even more!

Lessons from Week 1

Lessons from Week 1: Make sure your clothes is waterproof!

We continued to work on all kinds of exercises to improve our balance through out the week.  A big AHA moment for me was when I started to “force” my upper body to face downhill all the time.  As our technique improves it is becoming increasing easily to make fast turns.

On Wednesday we did video analysis of our skiing. It was interesting seeing yourself skiing.  The amazing thing is that my own perception and what I saw on the screen did not match up.  Axelle gave us some great feedback as part of the video analysis and help us practice it for the rest of the day.

There has been very little fresh snow, the last few weeks, but since Wednesday night it has been snowing on and off.  Friday was our first lesson day in a bit of powder! We had soooo much fun, playing through the trees, searching for moguls and just having a blast!

Here is some more lessons from week 1:

  • Your core strength is just as important as you leg strength. You stomach muscle need to be strong to help you stay balanced no matter what the conditions throw at you.
  • It is amazing the increased endurance you can get out of your body by being as efficient as possible when you ski. The better our technique gets the longer we can hopefully endure.
  • The shapes of your ski’s will help you complete the turn with the right technique.

Friday our clothing was tested to the maximum with pouring rain at the bottom of the hill.  Luckily only the outer layers got wet and neither of us felt cold at all.  So this weekend we tried to waterproof everything to hopefully keep the outsides dry next time we meet the rain.

This week I also bought myself some powder skis, and got to play with them a little on Thursday! They are awesome! Looking forward to do the cat skiing with them!

Tomorrow we start week 2! Can’t wait!