Pumped up and ready to GO!

It was in March of 2012 just after I decided to leave Private Property that the thought of doing a ski instructor course first occurred.  Now the day has finally arrived. Tonight was the welcome dinner and tomorrow we will hit the slopes for our first lesson.

Big decisions

The trip in Meribel where I first decide to do an ski instructors course

I am sooo excited I can hardly sit still. Ahead of me lies 11 weeks of intense learning and practice.  Four days a week, we will have instruction for 5 hours.  That means that at the end of the course I would have had more than 200 hours of lessons.

Ankie will be doing the 5 weeks course. After 5 weeks we will hopefully both be Level 1 CSIA qualification.  And after 12 weeks I will hopefully have completed level 2 CSIA.

We met our groups tonight as well as our instructors. And from what we have heard both our initial instructors seems to be a perfect fit for where we are in terms of our own skiing ability and state of mind! The Nonstop guys have clearly been doing this for a while and know how to split up the groups.

The total group of people is quite big, probably close to 100 including the skiers and snowboarders on the 5 and 11-week courses.  This is going to be EPIC!

I remember when I was about 9 years old, being so excited about the first rugby game of my life that I got sick and could not sleep the night before.  I can’t imagine that I was any more excited about it, than what I am about this ski instructor course.

Here is to everybody that managed to get through a very difficult life changing decision, and never looked back. I hope you also get so excited about what every new day brings, that it is impossible to image where the other road would have led.

We are pumped up and ready to go!