Moving and Selling

In the 13 years we have been married (yes we were 21) we must have moved around 13 times by now. This includes moving to Cape Town and back, and Durban and back. So when we decided to take this Fernie Adventure, neither of us wanted to move out of our home in Pretoria. But we eventually decided that it made more sense financially to rather rent out the house than leaving it empty for 5 months.

We will be back "Home" next year

We rented out our home in Woodlands for a year.

In beginning of October we moved out of Woodlands, and in with my parents. LOL – Never thought I would have to do that again. Luckily they could accommodate us; we will stay here till we go and once we are back till the lease (12 months) run out.

The next piece of admin we had to do was deciding what to do with our cars. Ankie is still in love with her RunX after all these years, so we will keep it. But I decide to sell the X3 since it still has 20 000 km to go on the motor plan and then we can save on the insurance.

After a bit of research I decided on the Price – R230 000. I wanted to sell privately so had a look at AA autobay, but the fine print pointed out that they take 3.5% of the selling price. So I rather place an ad on autotrader, and will try Gumtree this week. Hopefully I can get it sold in the next three weeks! Shout if anybody wants a new ride!

Great Ride

Meanwhile the kids are having a royal time at my parents’ house, and they also had great fun last weekend at the Carnival and with the De Jager’s, in preparation for their visit in Fernie. Have a look:

Must say I love learning about editing the videos. Doing the typing sequence was awesomeness! 😉

Moving and Selling is just another part of our journey. But we are slowly realising that a simpler life might be better in the long run. It will however be a journey to get there.