What I am doing about the real cause of Xenophobia

The events of the last few weeks in our country have left many observers speechless, questioning why people will act in this manner.  Don’t get me wrong, acts like these are never justified, but a person with nothing to lose and nothing to live for are much more likely to act in such an irrational way and reflect their own frustration and problems onto others.  It’s a complicated subject, but fundamentally I think events like these are the symptoms of deeper problems in our society.

 So we can and we should condemn these types of criminal activities, but what we should also be doing is taking action to solve the real problems that causes them.  If every person who has spoken out privately or publicly about Xenophobia can take deliberate action to help make the country work better for all of us, we have a great chance of this never happening again.

This country is either going to work for all of us, or we go down a path were it fails for all of us. The current inequality is not sustainable.  We also can’t wait for others to solve these problems; it is all of our responsibility.  My personal view is that education is the key for us to change course.  So that is why I am very excited about WeThinkCode_.

Founders of WeThinkCode_

The four founders of WeThinkCode_ outside 42 in Paris

WeThinkCode_ is a social, non-profit enterprise that aims to deliver on Africa’s Human potential.  Our mission is to source and develop 100 000 programmers in Africa. We are searching for visionary individuals and companies that want to act with us to give more equal access to revolutionary world-class education to underprivileged youth.

If you want to start acting to solve some of the fundamental challenges in our country, get in touch and lets work together to create a working society for everybody.

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