Skis for Fernie’s legendary Powder

Most of the skiing we have ever done has been in Europe. About 6 or 7 years ago we decided to buy a full set of equipment. Back then we decided that we love skiing enough that it would work out cheaper to buy some equipment instead of renting every time we go skiing.

I think that first investment we made have shown a really great return. We have been using most of that equipment till now. We replaced bits and pieces along the way but most of the stuff is still from that first batch.

One of the challenges in buying instead renting is that your equipment, especially ski’s get outdated after a few years. The other big challenge is that travelling to all over the world with all the stuff can be a mission, but we have the hang of that by now.

Leading up to this season we realised through some of the nonstop (the instructor course) communication that conditions in Canada will be a lot different than what we are used to in Europe. The first change is that the temperature is much lower, so we needed to learn to layer our clothes. The other big adjustment would be for the legendary Fernie powder.

Here is a video where Jens (nonstop technical director) talks about buying skis:

This meant that we needed to get new skis for Fernie’s legendary powder, as our carving skis won’t work well in the deep and steep stuff in Fernie. So last Friday the day before opening day we wanted to go to the shop in the video (The Guides Hut) to have a look at what they had. It was our full intention not to buy anything yet but to just look around and learn about the things we need to consider.

When we were looking around, Mark (whom I now know is the owner) came up to us and started chatting and answering our questions. He was super helpful and explained everything we wanted to know. While we were still looking around, Jens came into the store and he started helping as well. He gave us great advice on skis that would work for us in the course and in the Fernie conditions.

It was a great experience and we ended up both getting new skis, I got new boots and Ankie layers and layers of clothes. Have a look at my new skis:

dynastar outland 87

My Skis for Fernie’s Legendary Powder – Dynastar outland 87

And new boots have been long overdue:

My new boots fit like a dream

My new boots fit like a dream – Lange Pro Booster 120

So far the service and help here in Fernie has been amazing, people are very friendly and always eager to help. Today we went out for the second time on the new equipment and it was amazing. The 24hours leading up to this morning had produced about 32cm of snow. This was on our balcony this morning:

About 32cm over night

Snowed more than 30 cm over night last night

As we got out of the car in the parking lot on the mountain, the snow started falling again. It was one of the best days skiing we have ever had. I was often knee deep in powder and once just before I planted my face in the snow up to my middle. It is a whole new feeling, skiing in such deep snow, but I am sure we will master it before the end of the season.

I am really loving ever moment! Make sure you get skis for Fernie’s legendary powder if you ever come over here.

Thanks to Mark Gallup from The Guides Hut and Jens Mende from NonStop for the help! You guys rock!